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    Do you need a make up artist for your upcoming photo shoot?
    Are you on the hunt for the next commercial or image campaign?
    We know the latest trends and transform your ideas with creative know how into reality.

    Style Factory works across industries in TV, film and advertising
    and in the areas of fashion, beauty and make up.

    A company is only as good as its talent pool

    We have a great team of people who believe in and live by our vision.

    What We Do

    Are you

    A company looking to have your staff members looking their best as it is part of the profile?

    A make up artist wishing to keep up to date with the latest trends techniques in the industy?


    Planning a friends night in. or make over party and wish to find out which colours and styles suit you best?

    Wanting to experience the make up styles from different areas like the Golden twenties?

  • Models







    Become A Model

    Style Factory Models is currently looking for men and woman of all ages to fill immediate openings for our modeling, Runway, Promotional, Editorial, and Glamour.

    No experience? No problem. Style Factory Models can help you develop a portfolio and give you the opportunity to meet with top modeling agents across the country. Now you can become the next Style Factory Models success story.

  • Services

    Full Makeup Services

    Customized Makeup Applications, Individual Lash Application, Contouring

    Makeup Training Sessions

    Individual, Parties, Corporate Groups

    On-Location Services

    We are mobile and flexible with time to suit your needs

    Event Types


    Public Appearances, Movies and Theater


    Fashion Shows, Photoshoots, Modeling Headshots.


    Personal Stylist and Makeup Consultations (Corporate Groups, Parties, Individuals)

  • Courses

    Style Factory International offers a range of workshops that are conducted by make-up professionals.

    Courses OfferedWe make the Change

    Start up Workshop:
    How do I apply make up? Which brush is best for what effect? How do I look best after my material? The Start up workshop covers the fundamentals of make up techniques and care of your material. Theoretical knowledge is applied directly into practice to maximise your learning.

    The Next Step Workshop:
    How can I look my best? What skin type am I? What colours suit me best? What techniques complement my eye shape? Which eye brow shape matches my head shape? How do I look best after my material? The Next Step Workshops takes you step by step through the process of the theory of make up application and how to apply it to your individual characteristics.

    Focus Workshop Skin Eyes Lips (SEL):
    The Focus Workshop SEL covers in details the three important areas skin, eyes and lips in depth. At the end of this workshop you are able to identify the different skin types and how to care for them. You will be able to identify the varies eye and lip shapes and how make up can vary the expression and appearance.

    Workshops can vary in duration between one hour and two days. We cater for different knowledge levels and group sizes. We are open to work with you and tailor the content to your needs. Working with a professionally recognised make up artist.

    Professional Development

    Runway Workshop

    Fashion shows provide the inspiration to the Runway Workshop. At the end of the workshop you are able to identify new trends and techniques and adopt them to your individual style. It is recommended to have completed at least the Start up workshop and The Next Workshop.

    Retro Workshop

    Love the Roaring Twenties?Wondered how Cleopatra got her look? The Retro Workshop takes you through the most important eras and explains the various techniques popular in that time.

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    Even better, Our Beauty Schools will provide you that training in Cosmetology or any of our specialized programs:

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